Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be reimbursed? 

Reimbursements are being made by cheque. 

How long will the Essential Items Bursary be available? 

The EIB will be available to all Queen’s students until the full reopening of the SHRC in Kingston. 

How long will reimbursement take? 

As of right now, reimbursements are being made by cheque mailed to your personal address. ETA is dependent on the amount of applications being processed on our end and Canada Post. 

Is there a list of items can I be reimbursed for? 

A full list of items is available on the application form (available here). Items or brands that are not normally available for purchase through the SHRC or through special order will be price matched to the closest available product offered within our inventory. 

I lost my receipt, can I still be reimbursed? 

Sadly, no. We require proof of purchase in order to proceed with a reimbursement. 

Do I need to provide identifying information on my application? 

Legal name, mailing address, and student number are required on your application. Legal name is required since you can only deposit a cheque that is made out to your name as it appears on your financial statements. Mailing address so that you receive your cheque, and student number since the EIB is for Queen’s students only. 

Contact us at for further information.