Get Involved

The Sexual Health Resource Centre hires volunteers bi-annually in May and September! Applications must be emailed to

An example of the typical volunteer application form (e.g. app from Spring 2019) can be downloaded HERE.

What is the time commitment?
Our volunteers typically contribute one two-hour shift per week and four extra hours per month (for a total minimum of twelve hours per month).

What can I do for extra hours?
Extra shifts, teach-ins, running booths, making buttons, wrapping condoms, designing posters, attending community events… really, anything that positively contributes to the running and outreach of the Centre.

Do I have to be a student to apply?
Absolutely not! We welcome all applicants from all facets of the Kingston community.

I have questions about the application process, who do I contact?
Please get in touch with us at Please read the application thoroughly to ensure your question is not answered on there!

Spring applications have now CLOSED.  Applications will open once again in early September!