If you think you might be pregnant, be sure to confirm this with an at-home pregnancy test. We sell them at the SHRC for $3, or you can get a test done by a doctor.
Note: Within 72 hours of unprotected sex, the emergency contraceptive pill (ECP) is an option if you wish to prevent yourself from becoming pregnant.
If you have confirmed that you are pregnant, you have three options.

Option #1

You can take the pregnancy to term and raise the child. You will eventually have to tell your parents, partner and friends about this. Although this option can be very rewarding, it is likely you will need financial support. Also, it is important to consider where you would raise your child, the relationship you have with your partner and if you want to remain at school/work. There are many community services that can aid you if you decide to keep the baby, and can be found at the SHRC.

Option #2

You can have an abortion and terminate the pregnancy. If you decide that this option is right for you, you can have the procedure done within 12 weeks of conception in Kingston. The Kingston Women’s Clinic offers many support and counselling services since this option can be as emotionally trying as the previous two. This procedure may require you to take some time off of school or work and a support person should accompany you to the clinic. The SHRC offers a confidential support service if you opt for an abortion, and we will accompany you to the clinic and back.

Option #3

You can take the pregnancy to term and put the child up for adoption or have relatives raise him/her. This option has its rewards both for you and perhaps for the couple as well. Adoption may also be emotionally difficult; however, adoption agencies provide services to get you through this trying time. There are also options within adoption such as an open vs. closed adoption. This is a choice to consider if you feel you are unable to raise him/her yourself.