STI Testing Procedure

NOTE: Our Centre does not do STI testing.

All tests are confidential.
Test for females involve a blood test (HIV, syphilis, hepatitis), a cervical swab (chlamydia, gonorrhea, vaginitis), a physical examination (herpes, HPV, infestations), and a urine test (cystitis).

Test for males involve a blood test (HIV, syphilis, hepatitis), a urine test (chlamydia, gonorrhea), and a physical examination (herpes, HPV, infestations).

The results, if positive, are given in person or over the phone after one week.
Past partner tracing is required if you test positive for HIV, Hep A/B/C, Chlamydia, or Gonorrhea.
When it comes to STI testing, be consistent, insistent and persistent! You have a right to be tested for everything, regardless of your designated “risk group”.

STI Testing Options

Typically, physicians will test you for STIs you have the most risk for. It is not uncommon for blood tests to not be included in this risk assessment. You have the right to request that ALL tests are done!

If you are a Queen’s student, call Queen’s Student Wellness Services (relocated to Mitchell Hall) at (613) 533-2506 for an appointment.
Otherwise, the KFLA Health Unit offers free STI testing with the presentation of a government health card or other insurance information. They are located at 221 Portsmouth Drive and can be contacted at (613) 549-1232. They also provide anonymous HIV/AIDS testing, and STI counselling.

Another resource is your family physician.