The Sexual Health Resource Centre is a confidential, non-judgmental, sex positive, pro-choice, queer positive, non-heterosexist and feminist information and referral service for questions regarding sex, sexuality and sexual health.


We sell non-prescription contraception (barrier methods), and a variety of safer sex products and sex toys at cost.

Essential Items Bursary Initiative

Purpose statement 

The Essential Items Bursary (EIB) is a program established to relieve financial strain on students who, due to the SHRC’s closure during our move to the LaSalle Building, purchased essential items at other retailers for a much higher price. The EIB will reimburse applicants the difference between the price paid and the price available through the SHRC. 

Allocation of funds

The Sexual Health Resource Centre is funded through both AMS and SGPS student fees. These funds are used in accordance with Article V, subsection 1 of the SHRC Official Constitution. For this reason, the EIB is only available to students at Queen’s University. As a result of the closure of the SHRC as of March 25th 2022, funds that were meant to be used for community outreach activities are now being redirected to the funding of the EIB. 

  • Outreach funds will continue to be added to the EIB at the start of each new month
  • Applicants to the EIB will be reimbursed on a first come first serve basis. 
  • Applicants will receive funds by cheque mailed to the address indicated on their application form. 

Policy statement 

The EIB will reimburse Queen’s students for the purchase of any and all essential items that they would otherwise have been able to purchase at the SHRC or through special order. Items deemed essential include, but are not limited to, lubricants, barrier devices, pregnancy tests, and menstrual items. Individuals can apply for the EIB to reimburse them for items not included within these categories.

Items or brands that are not normally available for purchase through the SHRC or through special order will be price matched to the closest available product offered within our inventory. 


All Queen’s University students will be eligible to apply for the EIB.

The EIB application can be accessed here.

Teach-ins and Booths

We provide educational seminars, also known as teach-ins, free of cost to local community groups, residences, and any other group who feels they could benefit from having us speak. Our standard teach-in covers the following topics: healthy relationships, contraceptive options, STIs, pregnancy options and sex toys. A teach-in must be booked at least two weeks in advance.
We can also provide booths at events.

Want to book a teach-in?

Fill out one of these forms and our External Educator will get back to you within 48 hours:

Lending Library

We have an amazing lending library full of books covering topics such as: sexuality, sex and politics, contraception, how-to guides, queer issues, erotic art, sex and religion, and erotica. For a deposit of $10 per book, you are welcome to take out books for up to two weeks. Bring the books back and we will return your deposit.

Information Pamphlets and Community Resources

In addition to our library, we have a number of pamphlets with information on community resources, STIs, HIV/AIDs, pregnancy options, and oral contraceptives. One of our volunteers will be happy to help you find the information you need. These articles can be photocopied, but not removed from the centre.

Abortion Accompaniment Service

The SHRC offers a confidential support service for those opting to terminate a pregnancy. One of our volunteers will accompany the client to the clinic and back (the amount of time a volunteer stays with the client is at their discretion).

SA/DV Unit Accompaniment Service

The SHRC offers a confidential support service for those seeking the services of the Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Unit at Kingston General Hospital. One of our volunteers will accompany the client to KGH and back (the amount of time a volunteer stays with the client is at their discretion).