Please read below for more information on our new Essential Items Bursary (EIB) initiative. Scroll to the bottom of the page to access the EIB application.

Last updated: 15-06-2020 

Purpose statement 

The Essential Items Bursary (EIB) is a program established to relieve financial strain on students who, due to the SHRC’s closure during COVID-19, purchased essential items at other retailers for a much higher price. The EIB will reimburse applicants the difference between the price paid and the price available through the SHRC. 


Allocation of funds

The Sexual Health Resource Centre is funded through both AMS and SGPS student fees. These funds are used in accordance with Article V, subsection 1 of the SHRC Official Constitution. For this reason, the EIB is only available to students at Queen’s University. As a result of COVID-19 closure of the SHRC as of March 16th 2020, funds that were meant to be used for community outreach activities are now being redirected to the funding of the EIB. 

  • Outreach funds will continue to be added to the EIB at the start of each new month
  • Applicants to the EIB will be reimbursed on a first come first serve basis. 
  • Applicants will receive funds by cheque mailed to the address indicated on their application form. 


Policy statement 

The EIB will reimburse Queen’s students for the purchase of any and all essential items that they would otherwise have been able to purchase at the SHRC or through special order. Items deemed essential include, but are not limited to, lubricants, barrier devices, pregnancy tests, and menstrual items. Individuals can apply for the EIB to reimburse them for items not included within these categories.

Items or brands that are not normally available for purchase through the SHRC or through special order will be price matched to the closest available product offered within our inventory. 



All Queen’s University students will be eligible to apply for the EIB.

  •  Application process:
    • The application will be available to students through the SHRC website. 
    • Individuals will complete the application form, including their Queen’s student number, legal name, and a mailing address. A receipt must be included as proof of purchase of their essential item(s). 
    • Reimbursements will be made by cheque mailed to the address provided on the application form.


The EIB application can be accessed here. See our EIB FAQ page for a list of frequently asked questions.